Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

How Much Do Granite Countertops Add to Home Value?

By Kharin Gibson, eHow Contributor

What you put into a home can magnify the value of what you get out of your home when you sell it. Installing high-end products such as granite countertops into a newly built home or remodel increases the overall marketability of the property. It also enables you to demand a higher dollar amount at sale time than comparables in your area. Adding detail and upgrades are definitely preferred options for increasing a home’s worth.

1.   Add Appeal

o        When shopping for a home, potential buyers look over every detail of a house. Buying a high-ticket item always encourages buyers to scrutinize craftsmanship. The buyer’s goal is to make sure he is getting his money’s worth. Using granite as a choice for countertops offers more than just beauty to a home, it adds dollar value. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the main focal points for buyers. If they fall in love with either or both, it sways their decision into a more positive direction. Installing granite countertops is one way to add elegance and appeal to any home.

Add Sophistication

o        Over the years granite countertops have steadily been coming into vogue and are what a discriminating home buyer is expecting. Granite adds certain sophistication to kitchens and sleek style to bathrooms. Options abound when choosing granite. Assortment of color, vein variation, added flecks and thickness are some of the many distinctions found in granite. Granite can enhance and coordinate beautifully with different colors of cabinetry. It is a naturally occurring stone that varies in quality based on what part of the world it comes from. Making the investment to install granite over other countertop options is, by far, a wise choice.

Add Value

o        Not only is granite appealing to the eye, it is a stronger, more durable material than other more traditional laminate countertops. Granite is preferred by home builders and remodelers not just because of its sheer elegance but because of its overall durability. The value of the stone is tied into its longevity. It definitely outlasts other materials and with very low maintenance, granite countertops can last a lifetime. Granite offers a timeless appeal that only increases in value. It adds an elegance and lasting beauty to any room in a home.


o        Choosing granite for countertops will add about twenty-five percent of its retail value to the appraisal value of your home. That may or may not sound like much, but it is definitely a return on your investment.

Worth It

o        Coupled with the fact that it will not have to be replaced as often as traditional laminates, it’s definitely worth the investment. Not only can you increase the aesthetic appeal to your home, but you can add quantifiable value on the final sale price. Those are two things to smile about.
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